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Air Transport

At Mercury Cargo SL we believe that the bases for offering a good air freight transport service are safety, speed and efficiency. For that reason, we recommend this type of transport to customers who need an urgent shipments, shipments of limited size, also goods that have a high value or perishable goods.


We can ship with two types of cargo: dry cargo and refrigerated cargo.

In air transport we can make shipments with two types of cargo: dry and refrigerated.
Dry cargo: dry cargo traffic is normally done with air transport when it is very urgent, or merchandise of a high commercial value.
Reefer cargo: there are many products that have to maintain a specific temperature. We take care that this temperature is maintained and that the cold chain is not broken at any time, from origin to destination


This transport has a higher cost compared to other types of transport. It is for this reason that good advice and knowledge about what is needed to increase your success guarantees of success.

We know the importance of this type of transport for many sectors and for different types of companies, which is why we have created a quality air transport network with the aim of cover the needs of our customers, adding value and providing guarantees.