Customs clearance procedure at MERCURY CARGO SL

We divide the work into 7 stages:

  1. We analyze the feasibility and possibility of completing the task.
  2. We clarify the tax and customs doubts to the client
  3. We request the necessary documents for the customs declaration.
  4. We make a draft of the declaration for verification, including the calculation of taxes.
  5. We present the declaration to the customs authorities
  6. We carry out inspections if required by customs
  7. We obtain the exit authorization documents from the port area and process the payment of our clients’ taxes

To evaluate the customs clearance of merchandise by MERCURY CARGO SL, you will need:

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing list with net, gross weight.
  3. Detailed technical description of the product indicating its characteristics and key properties; If prior statements exist for this product, please attach them;
  4. Transport document, no matter the modality, it will always be covered by a bill of lading
  5. Terms of international sale INCOTERMS
  6. Any additional information related to the transaction, or additional documents such as certificates of origin, ATA carnets, etc…




Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are terms that are used in purchase-sale transactions between companies from different countries to unify commercial concepts and that the seller and the buyer fully understand the conditions of each transaction.

The incoterms include information related to establishing the buyer and seller responsibilities in aspects such as: transport costs, place of delivery, insurance, risks, or customs procedures.


There are currently eleven terms, made up of three letters each one.